Rental Payments

First National Burton Groves has a very strict ZERO TOLERANCE to rent arrears and a thorough procedure in following up outstanding Rental payments.  Should a tenant fall behind in their rental payments we ensure that Landlords are contacted immediately and communicated to regularly.
  • Rent arrears checked on a daily basis
  • If a tenant is more than 2 days in arrears a friendly reminder SMS message is sent directly to the tenant.
  • If a tenant is more than 4 days in arrears a second SMS with a firmer reminder is sent to the tenant.
  • A tenant in rent arrears between 6-8 days a first warning letter is sent
  • A tenant in rent arrears between 9-11 days has a more formal warning letter
  • A tenant in rent arrears between 12-14 days a pre-form 2 warning letter is sent
  • 16 days and over is immediately lodged with the SACAT (Residential Tenancies Branch)
Apart from the written correspondence we will on many occasions telephone the tenant and even visit the premises to address the issue in person.

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