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10 Quick and Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Home
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Bec Dartnall

Preparing your home for a sale is like taking on a full-time job. There are the obvious items on your to-do list, like finding the right real estate agent who knows your part of Adelaide and de-cluttering. But what about the things that can add value without breaking the bank?  

1. Grand Entrance

First impressions are lasting. The entry to your home should be clean and fresh, a reflection of how you want prospective buyers to feel about your home. If there’s a path from the gate to the house, make sure it’s clear of debris and weeds, the letterbox is free of cobwebs and circulars and the front door is welcoming. Consider a statement colour for your front door, or at the very least, a fresh coat of paint. Clear the entry of unnecessary furniture – more space will make the home immediately look larger. If the doormat or entry rug are a little tired, new ones will immediately refresh the entrance, too.  

2. Fresh Paint

Nothing refreshes a home more effectively than a fresh coat of paint. If your home is weatherboard, it needs to be painted every 5-10 years, depending on the elements. If you’re nearing the five-year mark, a new coat of paint in a contemporary colour scheme will set your home apart. Your home’s interior also needs to be painted on the same schedule, even more frequently in high-traffic areas or homes with young families. If you’re on a tight budget and a close deadline, consider painting the entrance first. Then you can focus on the areas that most need it, like kids’ bedrooms, play areas and bathrooms.  

3. Garden Greatness

A beautiful garden is a welcoming sight. Whether you have a seasonal garden that requires regular attention or a low-maintenance garden, make sure it’s at its best when it comes time to sell. If you’re starting from scratch, invest in a garden design at a local nursery. There are a number of excellent nurseries in Golden Groves, Wynn Vale, Greenwith and Tea Tree Gully that have landscape designers on hand to help you to create a beautiful garden quickly and easily. An established garden may need a few weekends of hard work to bring lawns and garden beds back to pristine condition. A little time and effort can mean the difference between a garden that features as a play area and an outdoor area that drives away potential buyers.  

4. Doors and Windows

Wooden doors and frames can be affected by the weather and need attention particularly at the time of a sale. A simple coat of paint can refresh even the most tired-looking door or window frame. Handles and fixtures can also date a home. Replacing fixtures is a quick and easy job that can be undertaken in less than a day, yet it instantly updates your home and increases its value.  

5. Bedroom Sanctuary

The master suite of your home should feel inviting and cosy, a place to languish on weekend mornings. Investing in new sheets, cushions, throws and rugs if you have a wooden floor, will make the room more inviting. If your master bedroom is on the smaller side, create visual space with a large mirror behind the bed head. This will give the impression of a larger space as you enter the room. If the room is large enough, make sure to place a comfy chair near a window, to create the sense of space for contemplation, particularly in a family home.  

6. Bathroom Bliss

Fresh towels and flowers make a dramatic difference between a bathroom and a place to bathe and refresh. Make the bathroom a sanctuary with towels coordinated to feature within the space and a flowering plant in a pretty pot that draws the eye. Hide children’s toys, toothpaste, brushes, cups and soap under the benches and invest in a quality liquid soap and coordinating hand cream that can add a little luxury to the room.  

7. Workspace Update

Home workers spend more time in the kitchen and laundry than anywhere else in the home. If your kitchen is out of date, but you’re sure an investment won’t net a return, a few simple touches can give it a new life. A splashback is an inexpensive way of adding a contemporary touch. New kitchen taps can also lift a kitchen. A laundry with space to sort and fold is infinitely more attractive than a room with a washer, dryer and sink! Adding a bench top with storage underneath for fresh linens will give the appearance of a workable space.  

8. Warm and Bright

It goes without saying that the feel of a home will increase its appeal and consequently, value. In warmer months, cooling blue tones will add light and a cosy appeal. In cooler months, darker blues, browns and reds can create dramatic warmth. Let in as much light as you can by tying back curtains and lifting blinds throughout your home. Alfresco areas can be styled as outdoor living areas. If you’re selling in the cooler months, a fire pit in your backyard and open or gas fires kept alight on open days will demonstrate how your home can be lived in.  

9. In Full Bloom

Flowers placed throughout your home will make it feel fresh and well taken care of. Flowers demonstrate life and beauty within a home. If you have an entrance table, a tall bouquet will create the sense of space and drama. A kitchen bench top and formal living area also benefit from the freshness of flowers. Save money and time in your bathrooms with long-lasting flowering like Phalaenopsis orchids, which can also create a sense of dramatic calm in bedrooms and corner tables in living rooms. If you have a fragrant flowering garden, bring it inside with small posies in guest bedrooms or bathrooms.  

10. Heavy-Duty Cleaning

It goes without saying that a clean home is more inviting than any other. Panes of glass that are free of marks bring unfettered light into your home, whilst clean and dust-free surfaces and corners create an impression of a caring and loving household. Bathrooms, toilets, kitchen splash backs – areas that are heavily trafficked – will need extra attention on your open days. The effort will be well worth it!  

BONUS TIP – the Right Agent

A real estate agent is your partner in selling your Adelaide home. Making sure he or she understands your neighbourhood and the target market can make a difference of thousands of dollars. A great agent will also be able to help you make the most of your home refresh and save you money and time in getting it ready for a sale. If you’re not sure where to start, contact us for a free appraisal.      
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